Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Meet My (ornery) Mule!

This little Spotted Mule Gelding started as a pastel project in showing layers while
working on May Medallion Madness.  Sara became obsessed with a new medium, I indulged in some spotty patterning, and a 7/8 completed mini joined the Work In Progress herd.

Sometimes while on the phone or otherwise distracted, I pick up a brush and finish things.

Who’s in my creepy graveyard, spooking and kicking?  Who dares to look over their shoulder and bray at a passerby or a barn cat, kick over a bucket, or perhaps nail a pumpkin?  This feisty dude.

Meet Panicattthedisco - he’s a bit crankass, but settles down once the hay and grain are served!

I have a couple small ones near completion - hope to finish more soon!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Weekly Winner - a nice BF memory

I had been focusing on some “firsts” and then looking at most recent acquisitions.

Here is someone in-between:
“Chai” is the Breyerfest Celebration Molokai done on the Big Ben Mold.  Handsome Dude!!!

I have had the regular run Big Ben, golden Nautical, and dapple Gray, but this is the sole survivor of that conga.  He has shown successfully and holds fond memories of that very hot anniversary year enjoyed in the A/C of the covered arena with frozen lemon ice.  I originally had collected all of the BF dinner/celebration models up until a few years ago.  Only a few remain in my collection.

While not particularly rare or valuable, he holds a certain factor I just can’t put my finger on.  Love the rich bay color and appreciate this Moody mold.  Which model is like that for you?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Glow In The Dark!

I was recently explaining my dislike of unicorns and other fantasy creatures in my collection despite having a few “unrealistic” deco type models.  I have a general rule that I will not keep unicorns in my collection, and while I create fantasy and deco pieces, I generally don’t wish to own and show them.

That being said, I would gladly host a bevy of different types of classes for kirins, sleipnirs, centaurs, pegasii, dragon horses, wildlife hybrid horses and the different types of unicorns that would be in wetlands, deserts, or polar environments.  Fantasy divisions allow for that creativity, which I appreciate.

So I do own “non-realistic” models with wild markings, gloss, or themes.  Yesterday I acquired another I cannot resist:  Glow In The Dark stablemates!  I do have the BF Andy keychain and have appreciated the various Traditional Halloween horses, but in keeping it small, these are where it’s at.
I would so love a mini Cryptic!!!  The new classic Mason with intricate paint design glows and is lovely.

Perhaps it is Halloween that made me do it?

Perhaps it is my 80’s childhood that likes the glow aspect.  Last night’s mega thunderstorm
And power outage had me waking up periodically, and the reassurance of these mighty little
Ponies was a bit of comfort.  Do you collect “glowies”?  How do you feel about other materials, like Clearware and flockies, and fantasy or deco models in your collection?

Saturday, September 14, 2019

New Ponehs!

This is a very Model-ful weekend with TJS in CO and FAMulous Collectibility in IN.  Cheering on those showing!  Here at the homefront I managed to score my much-wanted LP Truly Unsurpassed and SMs.  Yesterday was full of model chat with Sara over good eats and she delivered my micro Obsidian as well as a surprises Halloween polish pony!  Digging dia de la meurte themes.

I also was able to find her the chase pieces she was after and located some fun goodies.  Yay!